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Women Who Move Nations
The Public Transport Podcast

Our podcast series features interviews with public transport leaders from Australia, New Zealand and around the world. Each featured guest shares her insights on the big issues impacting mobility today as well as stories about their unique career journeys.

Mel Barber - Managing Director at NEC New Zealand

This episode of PTAANZ’s Women Who Move Nations podcast features Mel Barber, Managing Director at NEC New Zealand. Guest hosted by Rowan Selwood-Eyles, Public Transport Advisor at Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency and PTAANZ Emerging Mobility Leader, Mel discusses her transformational leadership approach in the industry as she touches on public transport projects, community engagement, and the integration of technology like AI for enhancing public safety and accessibility. Explore insights on leadership practices, diversity in leadership roles, and the impact of mentorship. This episode provides a comprehensive look into improving public transportation in Wellington, and the broader implications of technology and leadership in the industry.

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Dr Nicole Kalms - Associate Professor and Founding Director of the Monash University XYX Lab, Victoria

In the third episode of Season 7 of the Women Who Move Nations podcast proudly sponsored by NEC, host Michelle Batsas welcomes Dr Nicole Kalms, Associate Professor and Founding Director of the Monash University XYX Lab. Dr Kalms shares her ground-breaking work on gender-inclusive urban design, diving into the challenges girls, women and gender-diverse individuals face within city design. Dr Kalms also shares how her team’s research is shaping safer, more navigable cities. From responsive lighting to digital safety tools, the discussion illuminates practical strategies for transforming public spaces. Discover how engaging communities and leveraging technology can create more equitable urban environments.

Listen here
Ishra Baksh - Executive Director Strategic Insights and Transformation, Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland

In this episode of Women Who Move Nations, proudly sponsored by NEC, Michelle Batsas interviews Ishra Baksh, Executive Director Strategic Insights and Transformation at Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads. Ishra and Michelle discuss the fusion of technology, diversity, and leadership in transforming transport and mobility, and Ishra shares reflections from her journey from graduate to Executive Director. The conversation also touches on the critical role of diversity and inclusion, Ishra’s personal growth as a woman leader of colour, and the importance of authentic leadership styles. They explore strategies for increasing leadership diversity, the impact of transport on the cost of living, and the future of public transport in Queensland. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of transport, leadership, and the power of embracing diversity to drive positive change.

Listen here
Veronica O. Davis - author and transportation nerd

In the first episode of season 7, proudly sponsored by NEC, we welcome Veronica O. Davis, a pioneering voice in public transport and author of “Inclusive Transportation – a Manifesto for repairing divided communities.” Veronica discusses the essence of equitable transport systems and her mission to mend divided communities through better transport planning and community engagement. Her insights challenge us to rethink accessibility and advocate for change. Delve into a conversation that intersects innovation with action, uncovering how diverse leadership is vital in steering the future of public mobility. This episode is not just a dialogue; it’s a call to all for creating an inclusive, connected society. Tune in for an empowering session that drives home the need for equality in every lane of our transport networks.

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Natalie Reiter, Deputy Secretary Strategy and Precincts, Department of Transport and Planning, Victoria

Natalie Reiter is the Deputy Secretary of Strategy and Precincts at the Victorian Department of Transport and Planning. In her conversation with host Michelle Batsas, Natalie shares her invaluable insights on the future of public transport, emphasising the need to increase accessibility and reduce car ownership. Discover Natalie’s unique journey in transport planning and leadership, shaped by her experiences in private consulting. Uncover the secrets of leadership growth and challenging traditional hierarchies, as Natalie encourages listeners to embrace paradigm shifts for professional success. Join the conversation on work-life balance and gender dynamics, where Natalie candidly addresses discrimination and highlights the ongoing battle against gender bias.

Listen here
Lauren Streifer, Chief Executive, PTAANZ

Get to know PTAANZ’s new Chief Executive, Lauren Streifer, in her inspiring interview with Michelle Batsas, Executive Director of Future Mobility at the Victorian Department of Transport and Planning and a PTAANZ Ambassador. Lauren has built an incredible career by getting to know as many people as possible, creating a diverse network of mentors and taking every opportunity she can. Lauren also shares her passion for public transport, especially big infrastructure projects and the legacy of investment decisions made now for future generations. Hear how Lauren is breaking down gender barriers, managing executive life and preparing to have a baby. As Lauren says, “You can be a leader, be a woman, have a baby and work it out”!

Listen here
Joanne McDonald, Chief Legal and Risk Officer, Kelsian Group

Joanne (Jo) McDonald is the Chief Legal and Risk Officer at Kelsian Group, Australia’s largest integrated multi-modal transport provider and tourism operator, which also has bus operations in Singapore, London and the Channel Islands. Jo shares unmissable advice on developing strategic influencing and management skills, how she has built a sustainable career and key lessons she’s learnt along the way. Jo emphasises that for her, working in public transport is so satisfying because it’s connected with people’s everyday lives, it involves systems and is purpose driven. Tune in now to hear Jo’s interview with Jamie-Lee Owen, a PTAANZ Emerging Mobility Leader and Passenger Experience Lead for the Level Crossing Removal Project at Metro Trains Melbourne.

Listen here
Alana Newbrook, CEO and Managing Director, SYSTRA ANZ

Alana Newbrook is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of SYSTRA ANZ. In her interview with Michelle Batsas, Executive Director of Future Mobility at the Victorian Department of Transport and Planning, Alana shares how she’s harnessing SYSTRA’s global insights and applying them to Australia and New Zealand’s public transport sector. Alana discusses her passion for delivering city-shaping and life-changing projects, relishing how her role allows her to make tangible contributions to creating more equitable communities.

Listen here
Hon Catherine King MP, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government

The Hon Catherine King is Australia’s Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government and the first woman to hold the transport portfolio at the national government level. In her interview with member host Michelle Batsas, Executive Director of Future Mobility at the Victorian Department of Transport, Minister King shares insights on Australia’s fast rail future, reflections on her 20-year political career and advice for aspiring politicians and policymakers.

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Samantha Gain, Kaiwhakahaere Matua Metlink / General Manager of Metlink, Greater Wellington Regional Council

Samantha Gain is Kaiwhakahaere Matua Metlink / General Manager of Metlink, the public transport agency for Greater Wellington Regional Council in New Zealand. She is interviewed by guest host Sally Stannard, Deputy Director-General (Translink) at Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads and Vice Chair of PTAANZ’s Board of Directors. Sam trained as a lawyer and loves the legal complexities of delivering public transport services and projects, as well as the diverse range of people she gets to work with and the community service it provides. Sam also shares fun and actionable advice about leadership and building the career you want.

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